Hi, my name is Carol Gann.

I discovered WordPress in 2005.

Would you believe when I first discovered WordPress I tried to hack it?

Funny, right?

I’m glad I did because then I discovered the WordPress architecture. I was sold on WordPress and gradually moved all clients to this wonderful platform.


Because the WordPress community makes SEO great using taxonomy.

Carol Gann
“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

So What is a taxonomy?

It’s one of those words that most people never hear or use. Basically, a taxonomy is a way to group things together.

EXAMPLE, I might have many types of animals. I can group them together according to various characteristics and then assign those groups names. This is something most people encounter in biology classes, and it is known as the Linnaean Taxonomy.

In WordPress, a “taxonomy” is a grouping mechanism for some posts (or links or custom post types). This is a genius plan, right? Mix that with the way WordPress handles permalinks and now we have SEO POWER!!!

No worries if you don’t understand, I do and I’ll teach you. That’s why I teach WordPress. I was so excited and still am, about WordPress. It makes me sad to learn that some people have a WordPress website and don’t know how to use all of the WordPress Power!